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NineSigma Challenge - Dispersion Improvement of Powdered Food in Water

Dispersion Improvement of Powdered Food in Water

NineSigma, representing a global food manufacturer, seeks a technology to rapidly disperse powdered food into water without stirring or causing lumps (such as granulation technology, material and/or surface treatment technology).


This leading food company manufactures and sells powdered food for preparing soups or juices when they are mixed with water.

Many of these products contain a thickener to adjust the texture. When this thickener contacts with moisture, a highly viscous coat is formed that covers the powder particles in the dry state and causes lumps. The conventional powdered food must be stirred thoroughly by the consumer after mixing with water. Otherwise, the concentration is not uniform, or the powder lumps stay at either the top or bottom of the container.

In order to further enhance the convenience of consumers, the client aims to achieve a powdered food that solves the above problems and allows for rapid preparation. They have issued this open request to the world in order to move ahead with next-generation technology.

Anticipated technologies to solve this challenge include, but are not limited to the following:

·       Technology to suppress the occurrence of lumps

o   Coat the surface with a non-adhesive layer

o   Add ingredients to delay the occurrence of thickening

o   Adjust the particle size

·       Technology to increase the dispersion rate in water

o   Improve the surface structure of the powder

o   Improve the surface hydrophilicity

o   Adjust the bulk density

For further information and the opportunity to supply a solution please take a look at the challenge website:



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